My Aging in Reverse Skin Care Routine

Before I figured out my aging in reverse skin care routine I was addicted to the sun.

I used to be a Tan-arexic. Not sure if that is actual word but it is what you would have called me in my teens and twenties. My Mom warned me, the media warned me, the doctors warned me, but I didn’t want to hear it. “The sun will age you” “It will wrinkle your skin” The sun will make brown spots” and I did not want to hear it.

Back then, ages 16-24,  “middle age” felt SO FAR AWAY and the idea of wrinkles or sun spots didn’t scare me. What I figured was ‘by then’ doctors would be able to magically reverse it all. I loved the sun, the way it felt on my body, the sense of peace it gave me and I felt so free and STRESS FREE floating away my summer days on a raft in a pool covered with baby oil.

My skin was TAN. Very TAN and I thought it looked healthy. When I was tan, I felt better and if it was sunny and I was INDOORS I literally felt anxious that I was not in the sun.

And then, Tanning Beds were born. OH THOSE TANNING BEDS. I remember at the time it was $20.00 for a pack of FOUR! SCORE! Bargain. True confession, every-time I would see my grandpa Si he would give us all (all the grandkids) a $20.00 bill. What did I spend mine on? Tanning.

So now, not only was I tanning in a tanning bed EVERY DAY, but I would also lay in the sun. Ouch.

Then it happened.

This weird pimple looking thing appeared on my chest and it would turn red and even bleed in the sun. I knew something was not right so I made an appointment with the dermatologist.

This is when I learned the dangers of the sun. That weird shiny red pimply thing? It was skin cancer. Basal Cell Carcinoma. The dermatologist booked me for a surgical appointment the following week and that tiny pimple thing was removed along with the cancerous cells underneath it. About 2 inches wide. That gross glob they removed? Left a scar on my chest. AND it stopped me dead in the tracks from every going in a tanning bed or the sun without SPF50 ever again.

Now today at 48, I am complimented on my skin a LOT. But here is what I want you to know:


My face looks good because of my routine (which I will share in a moment) but it has been an ongoing battle with brown spots and fine lines popping up (on my face) that I stay on top of. The REST of my body has many brown spots. MANY. They are appearing NOW from over 20 years ago in the sun! I am grateful that I had stopped the sun at 24 as had I NOT it would be many many times worse.

Spoiler alert… when you try to spray tan over dark spots what happens is gross…your brown spots get DARKER.

TODAY this is what I do to keep my skin in the best possible shape and to prevent FURTHER damage:

1. I eat an Unprocessed Diet

My Aging in Reverse Skin Care Routine with Natalie Jill
Eating an unprocessed diet is the #1 important thing in my Aging in Reverse Skin Care Routine. What you put IN your body, totally shows on the outside too! ESPECIALLY your face.  I consume primarily unprocessed foods. Basically, that is foods that once grew, foods that help your body THRIVE, and foods in their most natural state.

If you want to try this on as well you will want to consume foods in their most natural state like Fruits, Vegetables, lean proteins (fish, chicken, turkey), healthy fats like nuts, seeds and avocado. Focus on adding in so much of the good that there is less room for the bad. Drop the heavily processed foods, high sodium snacks and stay clear of artificial sweeteners which create havoc on your hormones and skin.

For help on exactly HOW to do this, download my 7 Day Jump Start Program HERE

2. Drink LOTS of water

My Aging in Reverse Skin Care Routine with Natalie Jill

Guzzle your water! Beyond flushing waste out of your body and helping your vital organs function properly, hydrating also helps nourish your skin (which is, in fact, the largest organ of your body). It helps to fight off wrinkles and give my outer layer a healthy glow by staying hydrated. I always have water with me at my desk, in my car, in my bag.

3. Skincare Routine products and tools

This is what I use ON my skin to help age in reverse:

  • Retin-A (tretinoin) is a form of vitamin A that helps the skin renew itself. It is used to reduce the appearance of fine wrinkles and mottled skin discoloration, and to make rough facial skin feel smoother. Get a prescription from your dermatologist for this!
  • Clarisonic Brush: visibly minimizes pores and under-eye puffiness, creates firmer-feeling contours, and allows for flawless makeup blending.
  • CLEANSE and Moisturize. These are the Skincare products that I use (Rejuvity from Isagenix): I swear by this line!
  • Microneedling and IPL for brown spot removal (more on those below)
  • I do NOT personally do botox anymore. In the past I had done botox and it was NOT for me. Personally, I LIKE my forehead and eyes to move.

My Aging in Reverse Skin Care Routine with Natalie Jill

4. Internal Supplements that are part of my Skincare Routine:

My Aging in Reverse Skin Care Routine with Natalie Jill

Here are the FEW supplements that I personally take to help with aging in reverse:

  • Isagenesis: This is my Aging In Reverse Secret Weapon! It is a telomere support supplement for healthier, more youthful aging. What are Telomeres you ask? They are segments of our DNA at the end of our chromosomes. For instance, picture them like the plastic edges of shoe laces. When they fall apart, the whole lace starts to unravel. THIS PIECE holds it all together and stops it from unraveling.

As we age, more of our cells lose their telomeres

…and the body follows and begins breaking down. Their shortening process has been linked with aging, cancer and a higher risk of death.

  • IsaOmega is an omega-3 essential fatty acid. It helps to promote heart health, joint health and brain development.
  • Isagenix Greens. I LOVE these. This product features nutrition from over 30 vegetables , herbs, botanicals, such as ginkgo biloba leaf, green tea extract, and grap seed extract. It is a yummy mix that you an stir into juice or water or smoothies that contains phytonutrients from over 30 fruits and veggies!
  • CBD oil to reduce STRESS. Stress plays an important roll in our skin as well. CBD oil helps chill me the heck out so I stress less! The brand I use is here

5. SUNBLOCK AND A HAT always!My Aging in Reverse Skin Care Routine with Natalie Jill

My husband, Brooks, makes fun of this hat and calls it the “Platypus hat” but I love it! Because I spent way too much time in the sun in my 20’s I am working hard to minimize the damage I did. I love that this hat protect by entire face from the sun! The HAT I literally just found on Amazon (type in big visor hat lol) and my FAVORITE Sunblock in the HINT brand natural spray!

6. A Great Dermatologist and/or Facial surgical doctor that can do IPL, laser or whatever is needed for you.


Once a year, I do an IPL treatment and a Micro needling treatment! I LOVE the way it smooths out my skin and gets rid of those brown pigment spots! For these treatments I go to a board certified Dermatologist!

7. Get Lots of sleep

How much sleep do you need with Natalie Jill

Our body boosts blood flow to the skin while you snooze, which means you wake to a healthy glow. Therefore if you skimp on sleep, your complexion can look drab, ashen, or lifeless. Aim to get 8 hours of sleep minimum per night. When I don’t get my 8 hours, I can really see the difference!

The supplements I take at night for better quality sleep are:

CBD OIL:  My Soul CBD here 

And Magnesium. The one I use is this HERE

8. Get quality OXYGEN

This is something we tend to overlook and it is CRITICAL not to. You see, we can’t survive without three things: WATER, FOOD and OXYGEN and the answer for repair of most cells and thriving is those three things. However, I know you are thinking, “but Natalie, we breathe oxygen!” Yes, sort of… You DO but what it the quality of it? I use and highly suggest a quality Air Filter like the Intellipure HERE

ALL of the above listed keeps my skin at its BEST, but I do want to share that when you see me in a magazine or professional video or photo shoot my skin will look especially good. This is NOT just because of my amazing routine. It is because I have talented makeup artists, amazing lighting and very high quality photographers and videographers that have amazing equipment and set ups!

Although my skin is at its BEST from my management of it, that SUN from years ago STILL comes back to haunt me. As I write this even, I had a NEW basal cell carcinoma on my face biopsied recently that will also be removed. The sun does a TON of damage. It is critical to stop the madness now if you are still tanning and to get regularly screened by a board certified dermatologist annually.

9. Safely whiten your teeth and keep your lips plumped, supple and hydrated

If you want to look younger and healthier, your teeth and lips are a great place to start. While our teeth don’t get wrinkles, they can definitely show signs of aging and whitening your teeth can take years off your appearance.

The at-home teeth whitening system I personally use is called SNOW and I am obsessed! I love that there’s no dangerous chemicals. No sensitivity. And it’s never tested on animals.

Another super easy way to age in reverse is to keep your lips exfoliated and hydrated. I use both an anti-aging and collagen-boosting Lip Treatment and an all natural lavender and mint Sugar Lip scrub exfoliator. THIS is the one I recommend.

I even have a discount code if you want whiter teeth and plumper lips safely at home too! Go HERE and use code: FIT

Natalie Jill

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