I used to be a Tan-arexic

I used to be a Tan-arexic. I was warned but I didn’t want to hear it. “The sun will age you.” “It will wrinkle your skin.” “The sun will make brown spots.”

Back then, 16-24 “middle age” felt SO FAR AWAY.

I loved the sun, the way it felt on my body, the sense of peace it gave me and I felt so STRESS FREE floating away my summer days on a raft in a pool covered with baby oil.

And then at 25, a weird pimple looking thing appeared on my chest.

It was skin cancer.

I had it removed with the cancerous cells underneath it. It stopped me from ever going in a tanning bed or the sun without SPF50 ever again..

Now I’m 48 and have not “tanned” or been outside without sunblock, a hat & sunglasses in over 2 decades.

A few weeks ago I noticed a weird black spot on my back. It was benign. But, while waiting those reports I repeatedly said “thank god it’s not on my face.”

While having my Dr. check all areas I learned that A small skin colored bump on my eye, that an esthetician told me was milia 3 years ago was not. It was and IS basal cell. And it’s grown (under and behind the spot).

Basal cell is not life threatening and it easy to remove… when you catch it EARLY.

Three years is not early.

In 2 weeks I’ll go in for “Mohs” surgery.

I do not know what my face will look like after and I also know that I am more than my face. I’m still petrified as 💩.

Oct and Nov are big scary months for me. I get to conquer this and another major share in November that I’ll share when the time is right.

I get to practice what I preach. NOT to buy Into “false assumed truth” and to practice the ultimate SURRENDER. I’m walking through this stuff for a reason.

Now for my mom rant.. STAY OUT OF THE SUN. Tanning is deadly.




Natalie Jill

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