The Best Air Purifier for your health

The Best Air Purifier for your health…

Recently, I have been on a quest for all things to help us thrive in middle age and beyond.  My mantra is that we are not too old and it is not too late so I BETTER walk the walk!

I have been looking at everything… What we eat, what we do, what we think, what we drink, but I had left something out that is super important. You see, we need three things to survive… FOOD, WATER and OXYGEN. We “survive” with even less than great quality of these things but we THRIVE when we improve the quality.

If you have been following me for any amount of time you know I preach guzzling good quality water and staying hydrated. You also know that I talk about the importance of high quality unprocessed foods loaded with antioxidants and phytonutrients.

I share more about this in my 7 Day Jump Start and Aging in Reverse Community . One thing I had not considered or shared until recently was about the quality of our AIR and the oxygen we breathe. When I learned that poor quality air is in many of our HOMES and that it could be aging us and making us sick I dug more…

That brought me to the question… what is in the air we breathe?

If we can control or alter the air we breathe, could we thrive MORE?

When I started to dig in I learned that indoor spaces can be up to 100 times more polluted than outdoor spaces thanks to harmful particles, contaminants and bacteria that are invading it at rising levels.

On top of aggravating allergies and disturbing sleep patterns, indoor air pollution has been linked to lung cancer, asthma, cardiovascular disease and Alzheimer’s disease.

The Environmental Protection Agency recommends eliminating the source of the pollution when possible and running a high-quality portable air cleaner that can trap everything else, making your indoor space a significantly healthier place to be.

And, then the stats…I saw these stats about the air we breathe

The Environmental Protection agency rates air pollution as the number one environmental risk facing humans! WHAT?! I have been so focused on hydrating, eating clean natural unprocessed food and movement but I was not even considering the AIR that we BREATHE!

Holy moly… What we are breathing in our own homes can be aging us rapidly and making us sick.

So, I dug deeper.  And learned some even scarier stats about air quality… Before I keep going on the problem (which there is so much for me to share here) if you are wanting to know what the SOLUTION I am using you can jump ahead to this link HERE.

How air quality can affect how we LOOK 

Eczema: There is a clear correlation between spikes in air pollution and increases in the number of people suffering from skin problems such as acne, hives and eczema. Korean clinical study found a direct correlation between increased concentrations of PM, nitric oxides and volatile organic compounds and symptoms of eczema. Click HERE

Inflammation: air pollution is a huge contributor to inflammatory skin diseases and causes skin aging, acne, eczema, and psoriasis. Click HERE 

Brown Spots! “Traffic-related air pollution has also been shown to cause the formation of lentigenes — dark spots on the skin.” Click HERE

Our SKIN Particulate Matter affects the skin through oxidative stress and inflammation  and even ultrafine particles, smaller than Pm 2.5, can actually penetrate the skin

How Air Quality can affect our Sleep

People who live in areas with high levels of air pollution are 60% more likely to sleep poorly than those who live in areas with cleaner air. Click HERE

Sleep-disordered breathing (SDB): Recurrent disruption of normal breathing during sleep affects 17% of US adults. Reduction in air pollution may decrease the severity of SDB and nocturnal hypoxemia HERE

Obstructive Sleep Apnea: Symptoms of obstructive sleep apnea include: loud snoring, gasping/choking sounds, breathing pauses while you sleep, sudden/jerky body movement, restless tossing, frequent awakenings. These symptoms can lead to a very restless night and leave you feeling sluggish and tired the next day. Air pollution has been linked to sleep disorders, including Obstructive Sleep Apnea, as air pollution causes upper airway irritation, swelling, and congestion. Click HERE

How Air Quality can affect our Energy, Focus and our Mood…

Swedish study found higher levels of air pollution may be linked to higher rates of mental health disorders. Kid’s Mental Health Risks Rise with Poor Air Quality: HERE

Poor indoor air quality (IAQ) has been tied to symptoms like headaches, fatigue, trouble concentrating, and irritation of the eyes, nose, throat and lungs which in turn has a detrimental impact on daytime performance and productivity.

How air quality affects the big killers and major Health Risks

Cancer: PM (particulate matter) and PAHs (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons) are linked to the development of skin cancer. PAHs damage DNA in the epithelial layer of the skin and break down cell formation. Click HERE

Death: 24% of deaths caused by stroke are attributable to air pollution.  25% of deaths caused by heart disease are attributable to air pollution. 1.8 million deaths due to lung disease and cancer are attributable to air pollution and People who are exposed to mold are 30-50% more at risk of developing asthma, coughing, bronchitis, and other respiratory infections

OMG… this was overwhelming! I mean here I am so focused on what we are eating, drinking and how we are moving and I totally was not even thinking about the AIR QUALITY we are breathing.

I needed to know… What do we do to combat this? So I started digging… and then I met Vinny Lobdell from Intellipure

Meeting Vinny Lobdell

He educated me and hooked me up on a system that could change everything for me and my family. This is something that could hugely benefit you too! Here is what I learned…

How to protect you and your family in your own home:

1. Eliminate the source

The simplest pollutants to eliminate come from common household products like dry-cleaned clothing, glue, disinfectants, printers, and cosmetics. These products contain harmful chemicals called VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), which can cause symptoms such as fatigue, dizziness, allergic reaction and headaches, as well as damage to the liver and central nervous system.

Choosing zero-VOC products will help reduce your exposure.

2. Ventilate your space

Opening up your windows reduces VOC levels in your home – allowing fresh air to flow in and contaminated air to flow out. The downsides are a loss in heating/cooling efficiency and the introduction of harmful airborne particles (e.g. dust, dander, mold spores, bacteria and viruses). These particles can enter our lungs and be absorbed into the bloodstream.

So, ventilation alone won’t do the trick!

3. Purify your air.. FILTER IT!

We filter our WATER so why are we not filtering our AIR? Airborne particles range in size from the largest (1000 microns) all the way down to the microscopic particles (0.01 microns). Particles smaller than 50 microns, such as fine pollen, mold spores, germs, dust mites, pet dander and viruses we cannot see.

Absorbing these particles into our bloodstream can lead to chronic lung diseases and heart problems. This is where a powerful air cleaner can make all the difference, capturing all particles down to 0.007 microns – 40 times more efficient than HEPA regulations.

I partnered with Intellipure. I am so convinced that their product belongs in my home and I worked out a special deal for you.

You will get an exclusive discount when you use the code NatalieJill at checkout here 

Here is why I now use, LOVE and endorse the Intellipure system

  • It’s 40 times more effective than HEPA filters because it can trap particles as small as .007 microns (HEPA filters only filter down to .3 microns). This means it is more effective at trapping dangerous microscopic particles and VOCs.
  • They have four difference sizes so you can pick what is best for your area and home! I have the Ultrafine and keep it in my bedroom!
  • Their patented DFS (Disinfecting Filtration System) is super powerful, removing 99.99% of harmful viruses, fungi, molds, and bacteria from the air.
  • Unlike HEPA filters, it doesn’t trap viruses and bacteria that can multiply and cause secondary pollution. The Intellipure technology kills them so that they do not accumulate.
  • I no longer need to use my white noise machine (score!) It’s super quiet and sounds like light white noise while I sleep.
  • It’s easy to maintain and very easy to move it. It is SUPER EASY to replace the filters.
  • You won’t rack up a big electricity bill!It’s very energy-efficient, using only about 1 watt per hour when in low or sleep mode (which is how I usually use it).
  • They have super affordable options and even a 6 month interest-free financing available through PayPal.

You will get an exclusive discount when you use the code NatalieJill at checkout here 

If you know anyone else who would benefit from this post please share and let’s help everyone thrive in a much less toxic space.


Natalie Jill

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