I am becoming the type of person who

“I am becoming the type of person who”

I am not at all a yogi. I’m also not a regular meditator. And I’ve certainly never been described as a zen like, still or patient human. I would not be described as ANY of those from my closest friends, my family or even my dog Flops.

Getting stuff done at hyper speed has consequences and it ages us

For years and years I’ve been a reactor, a quick “start”, a problem solver an action taker and a “mover and shaker”. My brain wouldn’t stop, the to do list kept growing and from sunrise to sunset I’d feel like I was in a chase (of what I don’t know). I was great and fixing, shifting, and getting stuff done. Always and quickly. I wore those “skills” like a badge of honor.

The dark side of those things?

  • Constant stress
  • Mistakes
  • Missed details
  • Regrets
  • Not being able to be fully present
  • Disturbed sleep
  • Injuries
  • Even disease.

It took YEARS of needing to be “right” in those areas I wore like a badge of honor. And then age and time caught up to me. At 48, my body has more than kept the score. A ruptured disc, more mistakes than I can count, a second almost failed marriage, a skin cancer on my face, lost profit in my business, pain flare ups and oh boy I could go on with so much more…. But I finally do GET IT that the way I was “being” does not make for a great “life”. It only makes for temporary satisfaction.

I used to think those ways of being were what made me a success. I now know those ways of being make TEMPORARY appeared successes but with consequences that age us.

I have far from perfected a stress free life however I’ve committed to myself to make many moments throughout my days PRESENT, CALM and reflective and not reactive. To SURRENDER to each day as if it’s NEW beginning.

I’m becoming the type of person who makes these moments a priority. I’m becoming the type of person who is calm and focussed. I’m becoming the type of person who surrenders.

Like…. daily walks with my dog to think, reflect, daydream and just think.

Less doing and reacting, more pausing and reflecting.. less judgement, control and worry more noticing, surrendering and thinking of possibility.

The irony? The best ideas, the best solutions, the biggest breakthroughs and visions come from those moments.

How do you start to replace old ways of being that no longer serve you? There is a method…

  1. DECIDE you want to change and step into something better.
  2. Ask yourself WHY. I call this your Driving Core Motivator. What is the REASON you want the change? Ask yourself what this would mean for YOU, your family, your health, your body, your finances and more. Go DEEP here. Get to the 10 level deep reason WHY you want this change.
  3. VISION. Get visual here. Get creative. Use your imagination. Ask yourself WHAT this new way of being would be like once you become it. What would it look like? What would it FEEL like? What would it be like? If you get super clear on your vision and where you want to be it is easier to get there.
  4. DECLARE IT. Write it, share it, be it… “I am becoming the type of person who….” Our brains will believe us when we say we are “becoming the type of person who…” It is an easier thing for our brains to believe than an “I am statement”
  5. Lastly, Kill The FAT. What does that mean? Kill the “false assumed truths.” Those are all the random thoughts that we have been thinking that are in the way of us stepping into who we want to become. All the thoughts and beliefs that are holding you back


What is the type of person that YOU are “becoming?”

Once you make this question and daily habit and take those steps above, that habit will become YOU…

I want to help you with this! I created a 10 day DIVE challenge that walks you through exactly what all the false assumed truths are in various areas of your life. We break it down into various categories (health, passion, finances, purpose, business and more) It is the FIRST 10 day indoctrination that I take all of my Aging in Reverse Community Members through. We do that before heading into topics like confidence, people pleasing and judgement (all things that need to be addressed to help us age in reverse)

Take the 10 day DIVE challenge to kill those false assumed truths HERE

“I am becoming the type of person who……”

You are not too old and it is not too late!

-Natalie Jill

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