One on One, Coaching and Retreats for health and fat loss

Are you wanting PERSONAL attention to breakthrough your Fat Loss Blocks?

Working with me takes away ALL the guess work! I have helped over 100,000 woman breakthrough their fat loss hurdles, improve their health and their lives! I have many books and programs that can walk you through this however, when you work directly with me it is a short cut with a built in accountability partner.

I take only a hand full of one on one clients and small groups each year. There is a premium charge for this AND it is worth every single dollar for the results you gain!

For the Small Groups and Retreats, I pair  groups together that have similar breakthroughs to experience and similar goals! These groups are intense, fun, and life changing. If you are Interested in applying or learning more about one on one with me, and our Small Group Coaching and Retreats message us at

Pricing ranges from $2500 to $75,000 depending on the specific needs of the client.  This can range from tactical problem solving all the way to direct access to me as your daily accountability partner…and everything in between!  All of this gets handled in our 1-on-1 connection calls.


If you want to start NOW or if that price is not within your budget…

Instead, dive into the Full Body Reset which is the closest thing to having me in person with you! AND it gets you radical results when you go all in!

If fat loss and health is what you are after, my most COMPLETE program is my Full Body Reset. This program is the BEST of what I have for simplifying fat loss for radical results. You get a complete community, all questions answered and learn everything you need to know for changing your STATE, Planning your PLATE and ultimately learning to lose and LOVE your weight! Learn more about the Full Body Reset HERE

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