From Bad Boy to Family Man with Tucker Max

From Bad Boy to Family Man with Tucker Max

Tucker Max was the ultimate party guy… in law school. He figured out early that it was more fun to cut class, party and write about his life as the ultimate “bad boy”… He chronicled his outings and party life in emails to friends… who LOVE THEM.

After being prompted to publish his chronicles, he sent them out to hundreds of publishers, ALL who said a hard NO.

So, he started a blog and put it ALL out there. And the blog took off. So much so that MTV noticed… and the publishers came proposing.

FOUR new york times best sellers later (3 that hit #1) which have sold over 4.5 million copies world wide on very controversial subjects, Tucker decided he had changed and writing about his days in party world were not him anymore.

TODAY, Tucker is the opposite of a single party guy. He is married with a family and has co-founded the ever successful SCRIBE MEDIA that helps you write, publish and market your book. He even published the best selling David Goggins book.

Join in today and learn exactly how Tucker Max Leveled up and created everything from nothing.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How ‘No’ does not mean you should stop
  • Why persistence is key
  • How we are not our past but it’s important
  • The art of being a New York Times best-seller

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