Your Guide to the Best Pregnancy-Safe Skin Care

The famous sentence “You’re positively glowing!” is one most frequently uttered to women with a bun in the oven – but it’s not always resonant with the truth. As beautiful and majestic as the entire process of growing a brand-new human being inside our bellies might be, it also comes with major hormonal changes in our bodies and it can be quite stressful at times. These changes leave their trace in a multitude of ways, one of them being our largest organ – our skin. And we’re not just talking about stretch marks, although they are quite natural and beautiful in their own respect, but potential acne outbreaks, changes in your skin tone, and other complications.

To prevent them and to give your skin the much-needed nourishment which might seem scarce to your pores when you’re sharing your body with another little earthling, you can rely on several pregnant-perfect skincare tips. Let’s go over a few of them and how you can add them to your own beauty routine.

Sun protection 101

You know that the summer heat makes you want to take your skin off, if possible, and no amount of refreshing linen can help you keep the sweat away. So, naturally, you’ll want to take a dip in that cool lake or at the sea, which is more than necessary for your pregnant self to alleviate the swelling and enjoy some back-pain relief. However, that also means you need to rethink your sunscreen choices since traditional products are often laden with chemicals that aren’t that suitable for your pores, let alone your pregnant pores.

  • Look for mineral-based sunscreens that have organic certifications.
  • Fewer ingredients mean easy-to-spot allergies if any specific item doesn’t suit your sensitive complexion, and you can then search for an alternative. Especially when those ingredients are natural, it’s easy to recognize which one might not be the best option for you.
  • Nourishing oils in your sunscreen double as hydration, which is precisely what you need in this scorching sun.
  • Brands such as Earth Mama also make sure to not use any particles that can cause damage to corals or marine life – which is always the best way to go.

Cleansing au naturelle

The same principle applies to your everyday skincare routine. Too often we settle for the prettiest bottles and the most alluring fragrances, not really going into details when it comes to ingredients. When you’re pregnant, using natural skincare products is the simplest way to protect your pores and to nourish them properly while treating and preventing breakouts without wreaking havoc on your skin health.

Cleansers based on gentle, yet purifying ingredients such as coconut milk are a great choice for future moms with super-sensitive skin. If you’re ready to use a mist during your travels to refresh your skin, pick the product enriched with antioxidants to prevent lines and dehydration. Wrap it up with a supple lotion that packs a butter-based punch, simply because butters are the finest choice for long-lasting, but lightweight moisturizing.

Tend to your stretching skin

As your bun grows, so does your oven. Your skin may be strong and flexible, but the fast-paced growth of your belly can leave a trace on your pores in the form of stretch marks. Preparing your belly skin for the arduous process of growth can be as beneficial as stocking up on natural products that can help you reduce those stretch marks later on, as well.

  • How about some gentle scrubs from time to time to boost your skin’s microcirculation? Sugar mixed with coconut oil is a good choice, but make sure that your scrub is really fine and gentle.
  • Applying aloe vera has all kinds of perks, one of them being reducing stretch marks.
  • A DIY balm for your belly made of various nourishing butters and oils is a great way to start reducing those stretch marks as soon as you spot them.

However, even if you just want to pamper your skin, this body balm is a great choice for daily use.

Your scalp deserves some care, too

Some mommas-to-be will enjoy lusher hair during their pregnancy, while others might deal with the exact opposite – hair loss. In any case, devoting more time and affection to your beautiful locks and your scalp is one of the best ways to prevent issues with your hair and scalp as well.

Hormonal changes paired with the stress of giving birth can complicate your hair troubles. To give your strands the care they deserve, go for natural shampoos loaded with antioxidants that will purify your scalp without stripping your hair of its natural, protective oils. Then again, shampoos that also pack an oily punch but won’t burden your hair will help you nourish your pores and give you the thickness you need for the months to come.

Simple acne treatments

Even if you’ve been lucky enough to avoid acne during your adolescence, some future moms will find that acne is a part of their pregnancy journey. In fact, this is quite a common issue, and you can reduce the underlying inflammation caused by hormonal changes by adjusting your diet accordingly, and with the help of your doctor’s advice.

Additionally, you can use natural remedies that have cleansing properties and that can be quite successful in reducing your acne troubles during pregnancy without the risk of affecting your health negatively. Think: an apple cider vinegar toner for purifying your pores, lemon juice for natural exfoliation without scrubbing, and honey for its numerous antibacterial and soothing properties.

Pregnancy will often come with a set of its own unique challenges, all of which can differ from one woman to another. While these tips are always modifiable to your specific situation, make sure that you talk to your doctor and choose the finest skin care items for your beauty shelf that will help you enjoy your pregnancy even more.

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