Courteney Cox Wore a Bra and Sheer Top on the Red Carpet With Rachel and Phoebe

It’s safe to say we’ll never tire of Friends or its beloved cast. While the former TV roommates have certainly stayed in touch over the years, it’s quite rare to get all three leading ladies together at the same event. Monica, Rachel, and Phoebe—er, I mean Courteney Cox, Jennifer Aniston, and Lisa Kudrow—all reunited to attend SAG-AFTRA Foundation’s 4th annual Patron of the Artists Awards, and it’s like we were instantly transported back to 1999. Can you blame us for forever associating them with their iconic characters?

Oh, and the best part of the reunion? Yet another Friends cast member joined them: Paul Rudd, who memorably played Phoebe’s love interest, Mike Hannigan. I really can’t tell if this reunion is making me happy or sad about the fact that there aren’t any Friends episodes I haven’t seen 200 times, but in any case, their new red carpet outfits are certainly worth seeing. Cox, in particular, caught our eye because of her sultry sheer top-and-bra combo, while Aniston and Kudrow looked impeccable in dresses. Scroll down to see their reunion and revisit their best moments over the years. 

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