California was calling

California was calling…

I wasn’t raised by the ocean or in Southern CA. I was raised outside of Washington DC and personally hated it.I know many of you thrive and love the east coast but that was not my experience. I hated the cold dark winters, the muggy hot and humid summers, the land lock feeling and the cement buildings everywhere. California was calling.

I did not feel like I fit in with people on the east coast who only ‘seemed’ to talk about politics and status and not about health and fitness and hobbies. And I hated the on edge stressful vibe I’d seem to find everywhere there. But living there was “practical” and logical”

I craved the sunshine, the water, the outdoor activities, the laid back personalities and acceptance for being different (anything goes in CA!). California was calling.

I decided as a child that I belonged in CA. I dreamed a about it, talked about it, obsessed over it.

Nearly 16 years ago in my early 30’s I made the leap of faith. I left all of my friends, a boyfriend, my family, a house I owned , my car and bought a one way ticket across county.

California was calling so I started over.

My heart told me that I should plant myself where I wanted to be and I knew that if I did that all would fall into place … and it did.

Was it scary? Yes. It was one of the scariest “chances” I had ever taken!
But the result empowered me to always follow my gut and feelings over “logic” and others opinions.

Logic and others opinions has failed me many times but following my passion, heart and faith never has.

I don’t want to be practical- logical or a follower of someone else’s opinion. That is mediocre and average. That doesn’t align with an extraordinary life. I want to follow my passion and heart and create AMAZING realities. That makes a life worth living.
That is who I am.  Who are YOU and are you living the life YOU desire?

xo Natalie Jill

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