Jennifer Lopez Just Wore the Accessory Trend That Refuses to Die

2019 has undoubtedly been Jennifer Lopez’s year. The superstar got engaged to A-Rod, turned 50, and starred in the critically acclaimed Hustlers, just to name a few of her milestones. And as you know, she’s served up countless wildly stylish outfits, and she’s still at it, wearing one of her last looks before we embark on a new decade.

Yesterday in Beverly Hills, Lopez traded the bright colors she often wears for a subdued all-black outfit consisting of a turtleneck, wool coat, leather trousers, and her favorite white Alexander McQueen sneakers. But we’re here to talk about the statement accessory that she wore with the look: a designer logo belt (a Chanel designer logo belt, that is). 

Logo belts have been trending hard ever since the Gucci belt craze began a few years ago, and J.Lo just proved that the trend has stood the test of time, as she looks as forward as even in her Chanel belt. It’s also worth noting that designer brands continue to make new logo belts each season, so people are clearly still buying them. The verdict? Hang onto your logo belts for 2020 (and probably beyond), and don’t be afraid to add a new one to your collection if you love them.

Keep scrolling to see how Lopez styled her logo belt and shop some of our favorites on the market.

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