Happiness Is A Choice

“Happiness is a choice” HOLD UP… nope… it’s your HABITS

You have seen the memes
You have heard the quote
But have you actually chosen happiness and your goals with your HABITS?

Hold up… what?

When I ask clients, members of my AIR community, and friends “what do you want?” It is always some goal that leads to “so I can be happy”

The GOAL is not the problem, but, how we think we get there is what’s broken.

We THINK we have to “feel” a certain way and that when we DO, that feeling will lead to the new actions and results. NOPE  THAT never works – unless you are numbing it and forcing it under alcohol, drugs,  or other “masking behaviors” that temporarily give you a fake feeling. Truth.

You see, you may never “feel like it” . Do you think successful athletes, etc always 100% “feel like” training? They do not. They do it anyways. Do you think leaders and change makers always “feel like it?” Nope. They also do it anyways.

HABITS and ACTIONS however LEAD to changes and then results.

Like NIKE said “just do it” they got it.

Sooooo…. for 2019… or heck, just start with January or This week, or TODAY or even just “right now” choose to DO THE HABITS ANYWAYS that will get you the results.

And then it’s DOING THE HABITS even when you do not feel like it.

Just do it anyway even when you do not feel like it.

And… in 28 days, YOU become the results of those new habits.


Natalie Jill

PS. Join me and lets get these habits started! Back to BASIX 28 day habit changer Challenge HERE

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