Emily Ratajkowski Is Already Wearing Spring’s Cheapest Trend

While you’ll have to wait a number of months to wear many of spring’s trends (sorry, c’est la vie!) because winter, Emily Ratjkowski found one that you can fully start wearing now. It’s the baseball cap trend, and it’s the ticket to making all of your outfits look more 2020. For a stroll around NYC, EmRata wore a Harper’s Bazaar hat (that’s likely vintage) with a crop top, long blazer, jeans, and red snake-print ankle boots.

Sure, the outfit would have had plenty going for it sans hat, but the addition of the hat proves just why brands like Off-White, Max Mara, and Stella McCartney heavily featured them on their S/S 20 runways. I, for one, love the trend, in part because it’s basically spring’s cheapest trend. (See for yourself below.)

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