HABITS drive results

HABITS drive results

Nothing in me wanted to get out of bed at 6 am this morning and workout. Nothing. My back was flared up from sitting for 13 hours yesterday.

I had pizza last night (Yes I am celiac so don’t worry it was GF)

It’s that “time of month”

I have another 12 hour day in front of me…
My husband was snoozing next to me…

AND it’s been a week of being off focus for me… helping OTHERS but not practicing my habits that make me who I want to be! And, that was becoming a pattern… the “off Natalie”.

But here is what SPRUNG me out of bed… here is what I know…here is what came to me loud in clear after a day of a powerful session with my subconscious transformation coach and then a strong VISION exercise last night at the workshop I’m at…

Habits drive results…


Not our wishes
Not our goals
Not or desires
Not our excuses
Not our reasons…

It is our HABITS that drive RESULTS.

I am dishing this out today but believe me, I need this message for myself as much as you may.

Im over the 2019 pity party and reasons. I’m over the story of my back recovery. I’m OVER the comfort in all levels of my life I’ve settled for. Are YOU over yours?

Im practicing what I am screeching. I’m practicing and playing FULL OUT on what I’ve taught before… Habits Habits Habits…

Even when I don’t feel like it
Even when I don’t think I can
Even when I do not believe it’s in reach.

Because I know the truth: that we can wish for it, worry about it, think about it, long for it, and even make excuses for why we don’t have IT but none of that will show up as results if we don’t practice the HABITS to get us there.

You may say you “know this” but do you? I thought I did. AND, the truth is that “Knowing it” shows up in RESULTS. On our bodies, in our relationships and in our bank accounts. The truth can sting.

WE are the results of the HABITS we practice. I’m all in are YOU?


Natalie Jill

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