This Parisian It Girl’s New Engagement Ring Is Quintessentially French

If you read any of the French style content that we produce here on Who What Wear, or if you just like to follow cool girls on Instagram that happen to live in Paris, you’re probably familiar with Sabina Socol. Socol, who has previously been a contributor for Who What Wear, has a feed that’s filled with glowy photos of the It girl wearing chic outfits in Paris and on her travels around the world. In our eyes, she’s the quintessential French fashion girl, and congratulations are in order because she just got engaged with a quintessentially French engagement ring.

And what exactly is a “French” engagement ring, you ask? I asked several cool Gallic girls for their thoughts on engagement rings a few years ago and they were all in agreement that they prefer for diamond engagement rings to be simple and gold. Socol’s ring is that but with a modern twist: It’s a pear-shaped stone suspended above a pavé diamond band. Much like the It girl herself, it’s timeless but with a chic twist that makes it stand out.

Keep scrolling to see Sabina Socol’s stunning ring and shop pieces you’ll love if you’re inspired by her cool Parisian-girl style.

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