Finally knowing love at 48

Finally knowing love at 48

“Omg that’s so cheesy!”…. Learning how to let LOVE in. What we learn as a kid we typically model as an adult.

Growing up, my dad never said “I love you” to me. I believed that he did but he never said it. My dad was not one to show emotions and he didn’t like when I showed them either.

He would say “Stop crying like a baby” when I cried as a toddler.

“Yucky!” He would joke and giggle when I tried to kiss him goodnight as a child.

My dad did the best he knew as he repeated the pattern he learned from HIS dad.

I learned from him and grew up rolling my eyes at what I called “mushy stuff” and believed that deep connected love was a BS thing that is just in romance novels.

I became the type or person who didn’t know how to express love.

I could say the words, but I had a super challenging time getting in my feels and really FEELING it.

Two people in my life changed that for me dramatically.

First, having a daughter (I feel madly in love with her in an instant) and next, my husband Brooks.

He was never ok with just the words … “I love you” … he wanted the feeling behind it. I used to think this was “cheesy”.

To many of you this is simple, but to us who grow up believing it’s weak to show emotions this is very challenging.

Ten years we have been together.
Married 4 and in just these last few years after a lot of emotional intelligence deep work and self love and forgiveness can I say that I finally fully GET and have that deep soul feeling LOVE that is our birth right.

Romance novels and epic movies talk about. And now I know it. And thank god that I do now. It is sad to think I almost missed out on knowing this.

I wish this for you too. If you have a special someoneI I wish it for you both, and if your special one has not arrived quite yet I wish you to know it for yourself.

Love heals and is your birth right.

Happy month of Valentines!!


Natalie Jill

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