Get Your Foot Off My Neck with Ola Muhammed

Get Your Foot Off My Neck with Ola Muhammed

Ola Muhammed’s life was set up to fail. Her father died two months before she was born. Because of a skin condition she was forced to leave Nigeria as a young girl to live with an aunt she never met. She endured abuse, neglect, racism (within her own race none the less) and had no support or love in her life.

But Ola had a gift…the gift of BELIEF that she was WORTHY. She believed her mom loved her. She BELIEVED in something better for herself. And she BELIEVED her dad was somehow looking out for her.

This belief served her WELL and blocked out the noise of naysayers…

Like when she was told that her dream of becoming an architect was not suited for a black woman. Like when People tried to step on her neck on the way up the success latter.

Ola took the disbelief from others as a challenge and became a highly successful architect living in the most affluent neighborhood in Illinois.

Ola learned that what holds people back the most from achieving their dreams is not racism but self hate.

Today, Ola is the founder and creative director of Ijorere designs and has worked with some major celebrities NBA superstar player: Lebron James, recording music artist: J. Cole, Louis Carr of BET, and David Tutera. She also travels the world inspiring women of color to stand tall and walk with integrity.

Her book “Get your foot off my neck” is an eye opening to memoir exposing the disheartening discovery that bias and racism not only comes from the outside but from within her own race.

Join in today and learn EXACTLY how Ola Muhamed Leveled up and created everything from nothing.

In this episode, you will learn:

What is takes to have a belief in yourself
Why we need to be aware of our strengths
Why prejudice won’t keep you down if you don’t let it

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