Adjusting To New Normals

Adjusting To New Normals

First walk in almost 2 weeks since my surgery (I feel free lol) But gosh.. figuring out “new normals” can feel so hard right?

I was having to doing this with my whole arm accident situation and now the world is doing it collectively with this scary virus!

What I know about change and set backs is that it’s our BELIEFs about the setbacks, and our perception about them that makes them EXTRA scary.

The ATTACHMENT to certainty and comfort is what makes this so challenging for many.

The virus and the threats are real. They suck. They are are scary. Precautions are critical. BUT our reaction, fears, worries and where we put our minds focus is what creates anxiety and depression. Read that again if you need to.

When we surrender to what IS (the facts) and then look for blessings (there are ALWAYS blessings) That is when breakthroughs, new ideas, and new connections, perspective shifts and growth happens.

I’m watching new connections form
I’m watching leaders rise. True leaders.
Im witnessing new compassion with people
I’m witnessing people slowing down
I’m watching families get reconnected
I’m watching neighbors help one another
I’m seeing people slowing down and being more loving towards others.

I choose to focus my attention on these things and how I can be of service to others right now.

Talk to me…
What’s MOST Stressful to you right now?
What are you most worried about?
Getting sick? Loved ones? Your careers? Businesses closing?


Natalie Jill

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