Hard Times Breeds Innovation

Hard Times Breeds Innovation

I keep thinking every morning we are going to wake up from a very bad dream. I have felt like this has ALL been a bad dream! How about you?

Who would have thought just a few months ago our worlds as we knew them would change collectively like this so fast!?

I’m pretty certain I’m more extroverted than I ever believed right now. I MISS PEOPLE!

I’m scared for our health
I’m scared for our economy
I am scared for those who battle depression and anxiety
I am scared for those who battle addiction
I am scared for those in bad home situations who are now stuck at home.
I’m worried for our future
I am worried for my 74 year old mom in Florida where the state is not taking things seriously.

My list goes on and on.

I am an empath and anxiety prone as is… so I’ve been waking up worrying about so much. Add my arm injury pain to it and I’m a barrel of monkeys lol.

AND I know that “worry” and being “scared” or complaining doesn’t fix or change anything.

I also KNOW that tough times breed innovation, love, creativity and community. I’ve witnessed this first hand before! I’m 48 and have bounced back from a lot…

During 9/11 when I lived in Washington DC

During the sniper shootings when we were scared to leave our homes in Reston, VA

During the 2008/2009 financial crash

And now.


“Tough times don’t last but tough people do” I remind myself of this and I hope you will too.

How I’ve been shifting my days from fear to faith?

  • NOT obsessing over the news or doomsday newsfeeds.
  • Making sure to get outside for a walk every day (while social distancing).
  • Really enjoying my extra time with my daughter while she’s being home schooled.
  • Staying on a schedule and routine.
  • Serving my clients and focussing on how I can help THEM
  • Thinking and sharing ways my community and others can create extra income in these tough times. I wrote a blog specifically about this HERE
  • Writing my next book. Yup… book number three is underway and I’m in gratitude for this extra time we’ve been gifted. I’m using it wisely.

How are YOU holding up out there?


Natalie Jill

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