What WWW Staffers Are Reading, Eating, Watching, and Wearing This Weekend

In times of crisis, simple things we use to look forward to can seem bleak, uninspiring, or like one more obstacle on the road to the finish line. In an effort to keep COVID-19 infections at bay, people across the United States and around the world have been sheltering in place and cities have been on pause—and will continue to be for as long as it takes to get this pandemic under control. So while social distancing is 100% essential, we’d be kidding ourselves if we didn’t admit that the days have gotten a bit monotonous. 

Personally, after three weeks spent inside my own four walls, I greeted my colleague Michelle on Slack with a “Happy whatever day it is!” in an attempt at levity, while also acknowledging the reality that there really isn’t much of a difference between what we see, do, or wear Monday through Friday right now. So in an effort to make this weekend actually feel like a real weekend, everyone at Who What Wear took a moment to pause, reflect, and plan with intention.

Below you’ll find the honest-to-goodness plans of Who What Wear staffers from coast to coast, highlighting what they’re watching, reading, eating, and of course, wearing—hey, we’ve been working on some fire WFH ‘fits that look just as good on the weekend—plus a sharable graphic for you to customize and post on Instagram Stories. We hope you’ll be inspired to try something new, support your favorite small business, or FaceTime a friend to help make this weekend count. 

Keep scrolling to see Who What Wear’s weekend plans, and then share yours by tagging @WhoWhatWear on your Instagram post. We can’t wait to see how everyone is spending their time in the great indoors! 

“Avocado toast!” — Paulina Galoostian, senior influencer marketing manager. “Matzoh ball soup.” — Kat Collings, editor in chief. “Banana pudding.” — Brandon Cherene, VP of people

“My niece and nephew.” — Alexandra Flowers, senior analyst

“My sister so I can watch the virtual Grand National (it’s a famous UK horse race), and I’ve got 50 to 1 odds on Jett.” — Jacqui Lee, photo editor

“My incredible friends who work in hospitals.” — Olivia Cappelletti, podcast producer

“Little Fires Everywhere!” — Vanessa Muro, research director, Collings, and myself. “30 Rock, from the beginning” — Natalie Cantell,  fashion director. “Parasite—I’m late to the game. I know” — Cappelletti

“Local restaurants,” including Buy This T-Shirt and Restaurant Workers Community Foundation.  — everyone. “Frontline Responders Fund.” — Michelle Plantan, VP of social and innovation. “Invisible Hands Deliver and Vote Save America.” — Cantell

“Levi’s cutoffs and a plain white tee.” — Aralyn Beaumont, copy editor. “Summer dresses because inside it is always 76º.” — Lee. “My favorite kooky Collina Strada house pants.” — Plantan

“To learn ‘Don’t Start Now’ by Dua Lipa on the piano.” — Chreene

“Dyeing my hair with Overtone.” — Kelly Morris, graphic designer

“To get started on a building a set of wooden planter boxes I’ve been putting off.” — Dan Perlee, executive director, advertising operations

“The Weeknd’s new album.” — Morris

“Frank Ocean’s ‘Cayendo’ and all other artists who dropped new ‘quarantunes’ (tunes for quarantine).” — Chreene

“‘Midnight City’ by M83, which is weirdly my 5-year-old’s favorite song, so it gets requested on Alexa repeatedly throughout the day.” — Perlee 

“On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous by Ocean Vuong.” — Muro and Plantan. “Just Kids by Patti Smith.” — Cappelletti. “The Beauty Myth by Naomi Wolf.” — Collings

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