This Affordable T-Shirt Trend Is So French

I don’t know about you, but every summer I strategically choose clothes based on what won’t show sweat. One of my favorite go-tos? Stripes. Besides being classic and easy to wear, stripes are fantastic at hiding the fact that you’re frantically sweating through your clothes. Right now, I’ve been spotting one particular style all over my Instagram feed: the Breton striped tee.

From Brittany Bathgate in the UK to TyLynn Nguyen in Los Angeles—and, of course, real French girls Sabina Socol and Jen Wonders—have all signed on to the Breton stripe trend. It looks super cute with white jeans, cutoff denim shorts, trousers, or just about anything you can think of. Scroll down to see how cool girls are wearing it and shop the trend for yourself.  

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