Self Doubt Is Sneaky

Self Doubt Is Sneaky

Earlier this week I was sharing with excitement a vivid and clear vision on a project I’m creating. I had been working on it for quite some time, could see, smell and feel the results in reach. It’s gotten me up super early as of late because I have been so excited to keep working on it. In a split second, with a single statement my whole belief set around myself and this project changed.

He proceeded to tell me all the reasons people wouldn’t be interested, why I shouldn’t focus on it and why it’s not a good idea. I hadn’t asked for his opinion.

My mood shifted. I felt myself sinking, shrinking, doubting and even wondering if I shouldn’t do it. I questioned if I was “good enough” “smart enough” or even capable to do this. POOF. Just like that. Imposter syndrome snuck up. Ugggggghhh Something I was so driven and focussed in creating and one person, one moment of sharing those doubts had me questioning MY vision.

I questioned myself for a good part of the day and then shifted back to why it WOULD work. Thank goodness I knew how to interrupt that self doubt.

Does this ever happen to you? You let someone ELSES doubt creep into YOUR vision? STOP.

Or, do you sprinkle self doubt on others? If you do, please also STOP.

Creative concepts, solutions , problem solving and even general HAPPINESS is created with IDEAS that first “someone” doubted. People reflect their OWN giving up on their dreams on others. They may even do it well meaning to “save you from the pain they had.” But that’s not helpful and it is dream killing. Do not listen to others opinions about your vision and better yet DO NOT ASK their opinion.

Instead, listen to YOUR heart, your gut and instead of asking, DECLARE what you are stepping into and collect people in your life that believe in you, support your vision and encourage you to go for your dreams. Those are the true friends.

Ya know what ACTUALLY determines success or failure? YOUR BELIEF SET. If you believe you will achieve, you will…

You are not too old and it is not too late….


Natalie Jill

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