Overcoming Dyslexia to Become the Go To Copywriter for Entrepreneurs with Jennifer Hudye

Growing up with entrepreneur parents, Jennifer loved to perform and loved playing with cash registers. She knew she wanted to be an entrepreneur and make a lot of money helping people but she had a LOT of limiting beliefs. She was dyslexic, HATED to write, was insecure around school and viewed herself as a terrible student 

After launching an online fitness business as a side hustle that was not initially working, she  connected the dots that she needed to learn how to Enter Conversations going into the PROSPECTS minds FIRST, meet them THERE and make them feel totally understood. When she figured that out her passion emerged. COPYWRITING. She would become a MASTER at this and her business started converting. It converted SO WELL that she started attracting other entrepreneurs that wanted her help.

TODAY,  Jennifer Hudye is the Founder and CEO of Conscious Copy & Co., one of the top copywriting companies in the digital marketing world where they help entrepreneurs communicate their vision and message in a way that inspires people to take action. 

Her clients have included household names like Strategic Coach, Joe Polish, JJ Virgin, Bulletproof Coffee, Brendon Burchard, Cameron Herold, and many other guest that have been on this show here! So, tune in today to find out exactly how she Leveled Up and Created Everything from Nothing!

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How your labels don’t have to hold you back
  • Why you should focus on others success to create your own
  • How to stay in your power vs allowing imposter syndrome to take over

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