Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton Just Resurrected Their 2002 “Uniform”

Mark your calendars for what’s sure to be the hottest commodity of the month: Kim Kardashian’s launch of 2000s-inspired velour tracksuits for Skims on October 21. And the best part? She tapped her BFF Paris Hilton for the throwback campaign images. 

The collection consists of mix-and-match velour pieces in four different colors and prices range from $42 to $128. There’s a tank top, bandeau, long-sleeve collared shirt, and a track hoodie, along with both wide-leg and tapered pants to go with them. As a bonus, there’s also a super-soft velour robe as well. Say it with me now: That’s hot. P.S., there aren’t many things that could qualify as both a Halloween costume and a lounging-at-home look, so lazy folks would be wise to take advantage. Scroll down to preview the new velour Skims collection.