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Drinking Water Before Bed: Good or Bad?

Hydration is extremely important throughout the day, and there’s no better drink than water, which we consume daily to hydrate our body, and to restore and cushion our tissues and joints. It isn’t a surprise that water makes up more than 75% of our body mass. However, is drinking water before bed ...

I Always Back Myself (Powerful Motivational Speech)

I Always Back Myself (Powerful Motivational Speech)    Download or Stream the speech now, on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Google Music, Deezer, Amazon MP3I ALWAYS BACK MYSELF (Motivational Speech) – Copyright: Fearless MotivationSpeakers: Chris Ross I Always Back Myself (Powerful Motivational ...

Stability Ball Core Progression

Stability Ball Core Progression CORE training beginner to super advanced! 6 levels here! Start where you can and progress from there! No shame in beginning! Master the first before progressing to the next. Showing all 6 levels here with a stability ball!  Level one- practice balancing sitting ...

26 Years Ago My Dad Died Of A Heart Attack

26 Years Ago My Dad Died Of A Heart Attack 26 years ago today my dad died. I was waiting tables and I got a call that would change my life forever. My heart broke and my world shattered that day. My dad was my world. My life totally changed that day. I became a completely different person. I was ...

Are You Making One Of These Website Mistakes?

It does not matter whether you run a clothing store or a financial services firm, you need to make sure that you have an effective website. Nowadays, there are many different ways that you can go about making a website. This includes everything from hiring a professional website designer to using ...

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